Teach English

English as a Second Language (ESL) is frequently our first contact with internationals. Most internationals arrive in Augusta in need of conversational English skills to conduct day-to-day business. They must learn to hear and answer spoken English. Imagine trying to navigate daily life without fully comprehending the language.

Host Bible Studies

Host Military Dinners

Lead Bible Studies

Help with Children’s Activities

Hospitality Team

International Link hosts weekly Bible studies especially for internationals. The studies offer a chance to ask questions and discuss a short Bible passage. These studies are especially good for internationals who are curious about Jesus and the Christian faith.

Our evening Bible studies begin with a meal in an American home. The American discussion leaders share responsibility for providing the meal. The studies are located in a different American home each month. We rely on volunteers to host.

Each week Link volunteers visit the international military officers stationed at Fort Gordon. Once a month the officers are invited to dinner in an American home. These dinners are very popular with the officers because they have an opportunity to leave Fort Gordon and visit an American family in their home. These men and women are curious about how Americans live and what is important to them. The dinners are hosted by a different American family each month.

Link relies on volunteers to host these monthly meals. The meals are not extravagant or fancy. All that is needed is a simple home-cooked meal shared with a family. This is a great opportunity for young families as well as retired couples. Other American volunteers attend to help keep the conversations going.

Each week a different American leads the Bible discussion. We divide the group into three groups: men, women and children. We rely on volunteers to lead these three groups each week


Each week during the adult Bible discussion groups, the children meet for their own activities. Their time together includes songs, games and a discussion that follows the adult discussions but in language appropriate for children. The children’s group is very popular. Frequently, it is the children who encourage their parents to attend discussion each week.

Our hospitality volunteers help provide refreshments for weekly English classes. The Hospitality Team also helps organize and conduct various social activities throughout the year for English classes and other international groups, activities and gatherings.

English as a Second Language (ESL) Classes

The International Link offers two weekly English classes – one in the morning and one in the evening. In addition, there are several other ESL programs throughout Augusta. See the descriptions to find a class time and location that is convenient for you. Use the calendar to register for your selected ESL program. Once you register, you will be contacted by the program coordinator for more information about your selected English class. All ESL programs are free to attend. You may be required to purchase a student book.