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For the first time in history there are, quite literally, people from every nation living right here in the US. While you may never travel overseas to deliver the Good News of Jesus Christ, men and women from all parts of the globe have traveled here, and they are often open to the gospel. God has brought the mission field to us. Will you answer the call?

The International Link is a Christian nonprofit whose mission is to serve internationals in the CSRA. In the 21st Century, the nations are coming to our cities and neighborhoods like never before. Look around you; the world is at your doorstep. What will you do? What can you do?

Help us tell the story of Jesus to the mission field in our midst.

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God has a plan to reach the world

Come and be part of it


1.2 million foreign students Study in the US yearly

40% of these students come from countries where the gospel is not allowed.